Kharis Creations is a small, independent stationery and design company owned and operated by freelance designer Kharis Courtney. Kharis Creations is known for designs featuring vintage ephemera or unique, hand-drawn illustrations.

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About the Artist

Kharis Creations is the freelance design company of Louisiana-based graphic designer, Kharis Courtney. Kharis has been dabbling in design since the age of 14, when her older brother took a high school digital media class and brought his work home with him. Her whole career began with an ancient , borrowed version of Photoshop Elements and an absolute dinosaur of a Windows computer.

12 years and lots of practice later, she's upgraded to the latest design programs and a shiny, gigantic new mac (sorry PC lovers). Her work is light and bright, often featuring vintage ephemera, handdrawn illustrations, and of course, lots of fun fonts! A homebody at heart, she runs her business from her house where she also cares for her three children: two dainty girls and a wild animal that can only be described as a typical little boy. 

Recreationally Kharis enjoys playing music, refinishing antique furniture, binge-watching television shows on Netflix, and on very rare occasion, eating food she doesn't have to share.