2016 Holiday Cards Are Here!

Now I hate to be guilty of passing over Thanksgiving, but to me, the start of November means something more than cornucopias and pumpkin pies. To me, November means it's Christmas card season!

Of course, no one will send out their holiday greetings before Thanksgiving day. That's just crazy talk. But now is the time to start browsing, buying, signing, and stuffing--envelopes, not turkeys. Get your cards ready now, let Thanksgiving day have all the recognition it deserves, and then drop them in the mail when the time is right. Otherwise you'll be running around like a turkey with its head cut off (thanksgiving-themed pun intended).

And speaking of puns...

Every year, I make a new batch of cards to add to my collection. For 2016, I decided to go with a pretty punny theme. So I introduce to you...

NaviDAD Cards! Holiday greetings with animal-themed wordplay that will evoke memories of your favorite cringe-worthy "dad jokes." But of course these cards aren't dad-only items. Nope--anyone with an appreciation for a good (or so bad it's good) pun can get a kick out of 'em. Check out the full collection in the gallery below.

There you have it! NaviDAD cards. To view the listings and purchase, click any of the pictures in the above gallery, or if you want to see Kharis Creations Christmas cards from previous years, click here to browse my Etsy shop.

Happy Christmas Card Season, everybody!