Terms and Conditions

Please read the following carefully before commissioning any services.

Custom Design Retainer Agreement:



Client agrees that Kharis Courtney shall be paid at a rate of $30 (THIRTY DOLLARS) per hour of work performed in the course of her retainer. Client agrees to pay a minimum of $30 (THIRTY DOLLARS), once work has begun regardless of actual work time. Once Client gives final approval to a low-resolution image (“final proof”) of the custom design, Kharis Courtney shall provide Client with an invoice quoting the accumulated fee for hours worked as well as any other incurred costs for reimbursement. Once payment is received, Kharis Courtney shall transmit high-resolution images of the custom design to Client, as well as prints if included in her commission.



Client is free to consult with Kharis Courtney throughout the custom design project, but it is Client’s responsibility to carefully examine the final proof of the custom design before giving approval. Once approval is given, the retainer is complete and Kharis Courtney has no further responsibility to Client.

Client agrees that Kharis Courtney’s work, for which she is to be compensated, begins at consultation and ends at Client’s approval of the final proof. Such work includes anything done by Kharis Courtney in furtherance of the completion of the objective of this contract, including research.

In the event that Client’s commission requires more than mere design work for completion, such as prints or the purchase of design elements, Client agrees to reimburse Kharis Courtney for such additional costs. Reimbursements will be included in the invoice given to Client.

All time estimates for the custom design are given on a case-by-case basis and are subject to change.

After payment is received, high-resolution images of the custom design product will be transmitted in three file formats: JPEG, AI (vector format), and PNG.



Client may provide artwork and other intellectual property to Kharis Courtney. If Client does so, Client warrants to Kharis Courtney that Client either owns the intellectual property or that Client has the necessary permission from the Owner of the intellectual property to use or modify the intellectual property in furtherance of the objective of this contract. If Client does not have the necessary permission, Kharis Courtney may proceed against Client for reimbursement of any judgments, attorney fees, and court costs that may arise from the misappropriation of the intellectual property.

Upon payment to Kharis Courtney, all intellectual property rights and other ownership rights of the completed design will be transferred to Client. 



For custom design products, Kharis Courtney is pleased to offer wholesale printing costs, if prints are included in Client’s commission.

If Client has previously purchased a Logo design through Kharis Creations, Kharis Courtney is pleased to offer a 15% discount on future business stationery design (business cards, letterheads, correspondence cards, etc.). 



Client may cancel the retainer prior to consultation free of charge. Once consultation begins, Client may cancel but will have to pay for hours worked as described in the section on FEE STRUCTURE.



In the event of a dispute between Kharis Courtney and Client, Client agrees to undergo mediation and/or arbitration to attempt to resolve the dispute at Kharis Courtney’s discretion. Further, Client agrees that Kharis Courtney has the exclusive right to choose the mediator or arbitrator to conduct the mediation and/or arbitration.

If Kharis Courtney has to employ an attorney to protect her rights under this contract, Client agrees to pay all attorney fees and court costs.

Client agrees that the proper venue of any suit brought on this contract is in Livingston Parish, Louisiana.